“I never knew why I got the tax refund I got. MainStreet explained my refund and gave me confidence that there is nothing left on the IRS's table.”

Clayton Rand; United Bank Card

“If it wasn’t for MainStreet doing my payroll and taxes, I wouldn’t be doing this...I would probably be working for someone else.”

Jeff Pine; Jeffrey Pine Trucking

"In addition to tax and entity services, MainStreet took the time to meet with me one on one and provide advice on growing my business further."

Brittany; Salt Lake City

"[They] did our taxes in a timely manner and went above and beyond by noticing (and fixing) a mistake in our 2007 taxes."

Whitney; Midvale, UT

"Don't risk your health dealing with the government; they'll do the battle with the IRS for you."

Kathy Hacking; Hacking Paving & Excavation

"I've always been content with the refunds I got online until MainStreet showed me how much I had been missing."

Dan; Salt Lake City

"There is HUGE difference between somebody who can do taxes and somebody who has been in business for themselves and that can also do taxes."

Andy; Independent Sales Representative

"MainStreet has made me confident in my ability to operate my business...they [are] one step ahead of me, guiding me."

– Jonna May; Intermountain Toxicology Collections

"[MainStreet] has saved me thousands of dollars - [they] even found errors my previous accountant made and got me my money back."

–Michael Smart; Michael Smart PR

"MainStreet has been very helpful in preparing tax returns for our real estate and retail businesses as well as personal tax returns for the past few years."

-Deon Grimes, Zurich Holdings

“[I am] very thrilled with the way they approach their client relationships, but also how they deal with taxes, they are very fair and very thorough.”

– Alan Boyer

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What is Self Employment Tax?